lolly the muslima
lolly the muslima
peace everybody, welcome to my blog.. i hope u'll enjoy my posts, i don't expect u to like everything i post, at the same time don't expect me to post only what u like.. i post everything i like.. everything that grabs my attention..
i am muslim just as my URL says.. so don't be surprised when u come to follow me, i welcome every opinion, just be nice nd if u wanna know more about me just go on and ask away..i will answer every question..
have a great blessed day..


desi parents should be awarded for being the most sarcastic.

me:  spills water
mum: shabash beta shabash aur karo 

i think desi parents have raised kids who understand sarcasm at unspeakable levels, like i knew what sarcasm was before i could pronounce it 

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My neighbour just passed away, plz make duaaz for her that Allah helps her thru her new jurney.. Aameen. Allahumma 3aafiha wa3fu 3anha w thabbitha ya rab… plz plz plz make duaas for her as she was the nicest person u can ever meet.
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